Advanced Functional and Integrative Telemedicine With a Unique Approach to Longevity

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Welcome to Avesta Medicine

Dr. Mandana provides online telemedicine lifestyle and nutritional consultations. With her unique, science-based alternative approach, you will benefit from a personalized plan to your health to prevent the risk of disease and improve your current medical conditions.


Mandana Shahbazi, M.D.

Integrative and Functional Physician

Your body has an innate capacity. By getting to know you as a complete person, Dr. Mandana develops a plan that helps your body to fight and prevent chronic disease. It’s your future… Be there happy and healthy.

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Dr. Mandana's Specialties

Dr. Mandana optimizes the longevity of mind and body through functional medicine by addressing the root cause of illness and giving you the control to be proactive in your health.

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Dr. Mandana Specialties 

Dr. Mandana's Unique Approach


Functional and Integrative Medicine

Functional medicine is the road map to aging healthier. Dr. Mandana leads you through comprehensive holistic methods to alleviate resistant symptoms and improve your health and quality of life.

One integrated and connected system

Functional medicine views the entire body as one integrated and connected system. It believes that when one part of the system is unbalanced or III, it creates an imbalance or illness in the rest of the system. functional medicine attempts to identify and address the root causes of imbalance which leads to disease.

Integrative healing

Integrative medicine takes into account the entire person, including all aspects of lifestyle; mind, spirit, community, and body. A strong emphasis is placed on the relationship between patient and physician while using all appropriate methods from Western medicine and alternative therapies.

Telemedicine Benefits


Dr. Mandana's telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide healthcare solutions without an in-person visit. It is perfect for consultation and a host of other clinical services that Avesta provides remotely via secure video and audio connections.

Less time away from home and work

No waiting rooms or traffic jams to take up half your day with Dr. Mandana's convenient telemedicine services.

Convenient and accessible care

All you need is a computer, wifi, and a comfortable chair. Your appointment will take place on a secure video chat from the comfort of your own home or office.

Up to date quality preventative healthcare

Dr. Mandana stays up to date on the latest research and treatments and passes the benefits onto you. You'll get the benefits of Integrative, Functional and Internal Medicine all rolled into one personalized treatment plan.


Dr. Mandana's Vision

Our patients are best served when we facilitate healing and wellness of mind, body, and spirit through clinical services, research and education with an approach that recognizes the natural wholeness of the individual.

Take the first step to a healthier you.

As an integrative physician, Dr. Mandana takes a personalized approach to your health to prevent the risk of disease. Schedule your initial consultation to create your treatment plan.

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