Mandana Shahbazi, M.D.

Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician

You want your health back, you want your life back. The truth is conventional medicine alone won't give you a chance to do that. 

Using my holistic approach, we can decrease your dependence on medications while building a healthier you.

Start the revolution to redefine your life

I believe most of these chronic medical conditions are as the result of our daily lifestyle and diet choices. That means by changing it, we can change our disease and reverse or slow down the progression of the disease.


Who benefits from my plan?

Improve your health and overall longevity by harnessing the power of my holistic method on your journey to true health.

Reversing chronic conditions

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, autoimmune diseases such as MS or lupus, Inflammatory bowel disease or obesity.

Winning over your family history

If you have a family history of certain diseases and want to start a healthy lifestyle to decrease the chance of getting that disease.

Boosting weight loss

Your new chosen diet is not working. You still can't shed that stubborn fat. Using my methods, you will succeed.

Take the first step to a healthier you.

As an integrative physician, Dr. Mandana will walk with you on a journey towards your health goals. Your active participation will ensure your success.

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