Dr. Mandana's Specialties

Dr. Mandana is a national expert in integrative and functional medicine. She has helped many people reach and maintain their health goals by developing plans that are highly personalized. 

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Medical Specialties

Dr. Mandana provides Functional and Integrative telemedicine consultations designed to give your body the tools it needs to repair and rejuvenate itself for residence of Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Boost weight loss

You've changed your diet, exercised and still can not drop those extra pounds. The answer may be more simple then you think.

Chronic fatigue

Address the root causes of constant fatigue, low energy, low stamina, difficulty concentrating, brain fog.

Eliminate bloating

Embarrassing gas and bloating? Is your belly distended after meals? Let us fix the root of these symptoms so you can once again enjoy favorite foods.  

Autoimmune disease

There are ways to decrease the effects of your auto immune disease and even possibly reverse or prevent the disease. 


With a good program you could easily decrease or eliminate your dependency on medications. 


Are you ready to look 10 years younger without surgery? We all age, but how we do it matters. You will regain a youthful appearance though clearer skin, less wrinkles and more vitality.  

Supplement consultation

We will choose the right supplements for you based on your health goals and lab tests. Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on pills that do not help. A supplement consultation will target only those supplements that you actually need.  

Nutrition consultation

You have tried every diet out there and still are not satisfied. During our nutritional consultation we will identify the best diet for you based on your individual needs and goals. We help you make food delicious and nutritious. 'Let food be thy medicine'. 


Difficulty managing premenstrual syndrome? Are you tired of fatigue, bloating, fluid retention, weight gain and sleep disturbances taking up half of your month? Are you ready to overcome the disturbing effects of PMS?

Functional and integrative medicine benefits

Dr. Mandana helps people recover from chronic disease and improve their health and quality of their life. A current check-up with your physician only tells you if have a disease. Dr. Mandana's approach is to recognize the reason behind your symptoms and address the root causes of the condition. 

Speed healing process

You can spend a lifetime fighting disease or you can change the soil from which it grows and eliminate it. 

Focus on the mind, body, and spirit

We integrate your mind, body and spirit into the healing process. We ask, 'what person has the disease', not 'what disease has the person'. We focus on you and your healing journey.  

Personalized treatment

Your plan is created based on your individual needs and lab assessment. There is no 'one size fits all'.  


Telemedicine Advantages

Dr. Mandana uses electronic communications and software to provide telemedicine healthcare solutions without an in-person visit. It is perfect for consultation and a host of other clinical services that Avesta provides remotely via secure video and audio connections.

Telemedicine helps you to save time, spend more time at home, and get better quality preventative healthcare.

Direct and fast access

No traffic jams. No waiting rooms full of sick people. Just you, your computer and your doctor.  


Your appointments occur from the privacy of your own home. Our software is HIPPA compliant and well protected. 

Extended appointments with advanced testing

Exclusive testing not available at your family doctors office, that helps to reveal the root of your condition with benefits that last a lifetime.

Take the first step to a healthier you.

Appointment times are limited.
Make the change. See the change.

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